We're free the first to choose;
as to the second, slaves are we.
Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, Faust.

Free Software: an Overview

39 slides , 50 pages, 26 August 2005

History, importance and advantages of Free (Open source) Software. Technical, economical, legal and social issues.

Free Software: an Overview (contents)

Free Software for Users

25 slides , 31 pages, 2 July 2004

Mozilla, OpenOffice.org and other Free software applications are a very sensible choice in terms of simplicity, features, usability and freedom.

The GNU/linux operating system, although very easy to use and increasingly easy to install and upgrade, requires more curiosity. A short introduction, pros and cons, and resources.

Free Software for Users (contents)

Introduction to GNU/Linux

84 slides , 103 pages, 1 July 2004

UNIX concepts: filesystem, users, permissions and processes.
Using the shell. UNIX tools.
Accessing Windows/UNIX from UNIX/Windows.

Introduction to GNU/Linux (contents)

Development with GNU/Linux

22 slides , 31 pages, 5 June 2004

An introduction to the GNU/Linux development platform.
Tools. Examples in C, C++ and Fortran.

Development with GNU/Linux (contents)