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Development with GNU/Linux
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GCC Options

GCC command line options
Option Meaning
-E Stop after the preprocessing stage; do not run the compiler proper.
-S Stop after the stage of compilation proper; do not assemble. Transform each non-assembler input file into an assembler code file (.s).
-c Compile or assemble the source files, but do not link. Generate an object file (.o) for each source file.
-o filename Place output in file filename.
-g Produce debugging information.
-O Optimize. Same as -O1.
-Os Optimize for size.
-static Static linking.
-shared Dynamic linking (default).
-pedantic Issue all the mandatory diagnostics listed in the C standard.
-Wall Issue all warnings.
-ansi Specify the standard to which the code should conform.
-v Print the commands executed to run the stages of compilation.

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